I want my hardwood floors to look like new … what can I do?

Your hardwood floor was installed a couple of years ago and it just doesn't add the same type of beauty and warmth to the room that it did when it was first put in. Your primary options are:

Resurfacing - Refinishing - Sanding - Although it is known by a number of different names, the process is the same. It involves sanding, screening, and applying 3 or more coats of urethane to the wood surface. This process can remove minor imperfections including scratches, small gouges, paint and cupping caused by water damage. At this point a floor can also be re-stained if desired.

Screening - A more cost-effective alternative to resurfacing if the floor is in relatively good condition. It involves roughing up the surface of the floor and applying one or more coats of urethane. It helps restore luster and increase the durability of the floor.

What's wrong with my floor?
Below are some situations that might merit a repair on your hardwood floor. There a variety of other possible repairs; you can reach one of the wood flooring experts from Masterpiece at 212-334-5100 if you have any questions concerning your wood flooring repair.

- SYMPTOM: individual boards may form a slight valley or arch
- SOLUTION: sanding, drying out the floor, and then resurfacing.
- SYMPTOM: small gaps are visible between in boards in floor
- SOLUTION: no action suggested. This is caused by expansion and contraction of each individual board in the floor. It is possible to correct the problem by putting filler in the gaps, but when the boards expand during the damper spring/summer months, buckling will occur.
- SYMPTOM: boards form noticeable bumps in the floor, and if very severe can make walking on the floor hazardous.
- SOLUTION: individual boards or sections of the floor removed/replaced depending on severity of the buckling.
- SYMPTOM: stains embedded in the floor boards, or splintered/cracked boards.
- SOLUTION: replace damaged boards

- SYMPTOM: boards make creaking noises when walked over
- SOLUTION: drill small holes in floor where the creaks occur, inject epoxy into hole, and camouflage hole with filler.

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